Brainroom - Abstract Art - Graphic Design - Multimedia Imagery

Brainroom - A portfolio of abstract art, graphic design and multimedia imagery.

Brainroom - a gallery/portfolio of abstract art, graphic design and multimedia imagery by Mark Robinson. Here you can find fifteen years' worth of individual artwork spanning several forms - traditional art (oil paintings and drawings on paper and canvas, pencil and ink sketches), digital art and graphic design (vector graphics, Adobe Photoshop image manipulations), black and white photography (creative and restorative work), as well as original musical compositions, graphic scores and a series of other multimedia artforms. There are special utilities for professional monitor calibration to ensure authentic image viewing within the Brainroom site.

High quality colour prints are available to purchase, as are individually priced, framed originals, all via PayPal's secure and trusted website.


Brainroom - Cipher

Brainroom - Hidden Object Brainroom - Hidden Object Brainroom - Colour


All artwork, design, music and text within brainroom is Copyright © Brainroom / Mark Robinson 1990-2005 unless otherwise stated. None of it may be reproduced without the written permission of the artist. All Rights Reserved. Contact:

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